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How to Engage in Activities in Chatsworth CA


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Chatsworth, CA

The best thing about the place is its location. The town is just 40 miles away from Los Angeles to its northwest and that makes it an attractive location for a getaway on weekends. Either ways, it is fun. For those living in the big city famous for its Hollywood and celebrities, it is a getaway from the busy life in the city and for those residing in Chatsworth, it is easy to travel to Los Angeles and enjoy all the fun the city has to offer.

It is situated in the northwest portion of the San Fernando Valley and many celebrities have built ranches and homes in it. The option of a home away from the hullabaloo and yet close enough to drive away from when in need of recreation lures people into this relaxed neighborhood.


Chatsworth CA things to do

Even within the town there are spots for nature lovers and scenic trails that uplift walkers. Children can avail education within the town and there are employment opportunities for adults.

Chatsworth is not as expensive as others areas in Los Angeles. The cost is reasonable when compared and a one-bedroom is about $1246 or lesser. Living here is easy since there are plenty of transportations options.

You can drive; take the metro, bus or even hike. Metro ride to the city center will cost around $1.75.

Several restaurants have shaped the going out scene and there are some nightclubs too. One can find an Italian as well as an all-American barbecue. There is Vietnamese and Chinese food that one may want to try for an international flavor.

For some history of the town, visit the museum. As for shopping, there are malls with big brands and small independent shops. Grocery is available at Chatsworth houses Ralphs, Vons, Trader Joe’s and several smaller markets. Every Saturday morning and afternoon there’s Chatsworth Farmer’s Market.

Residents have several opportunities to spend their time outdoors in several parks throughout the neighborhood. Visit Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park for an old-school place to hike with your friends or loved ones. Running, walking and biking options are available in the park and offer spectacular views of the Valley. It is a good way for those interesting in working out. Dogs will have a good time running around. On weekends some parties are held and one may even find a band.

When in need of some entertainment away from the town, drive into Los Angeles and try out the many events that are held. There are several options to keep yourself busy and also have fun.

Stoney Point Park

Outdoor lovers will find this place a fun one. Natural caves, cozy dens and hiking trails are places which one can explore. Rock formations are a favorite of rock climbers. Photographers get opportunities to capture nature at its natural best in the Los Angeles area in East of Topanga Canyon Boulevard.

Stoney Point Park is open to public from sunrise to sunset daily and is considered a historic site.


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